RAP-299-3-UN8U RAM-A-CAN II Universal Cup Holder Mount with Universal X-Grip Holder with 1inch Ball for 7inch Tablets

Product ID: RAP-299-3-UN8U

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The RAP-299-3-UN8U consists of the RAM-A-CAN™ cup holder base, double socket system and universal spring loaded X-Grip® II holder for 7inch tablets. The cup holder base includes a 6inch flex mounting feature. A durable composite shell construction and soft fins that can be trimmed to fit makes the cup holder mount one of the most portable and versatile “Go Anywhere” products offered. The mount is designed with a RAM 1inch diameter patented rubber ball and socket system that has adjustment points at both ends of the double socket arm; this allowing for almost infinite adjustment and perfect viewing angles. The included X-Grip® cradle has a clean and clever four leg design that sports great holding power without hiding your phone behind foam pads and plastic. The spring loaded X-Grip® holder expands and contracts, allowing for a perfect custom fit of your tablet. The perfect compliment to the modern sleek interior of today's vehicles, the RAM X-Grip® is the cell phone holder evolved.

Holder Dimensions:
Minimum Width = 6.25inch
Maximum Width = 8.1inch
Depth = 0.875inch
Maximum Length (using additional supports) = 10.25inch

Compatible Devices (With or Without Case):
Amazon Kindle Fire (1st Gen)
Amazon Kindle Fire (2nd Gen)
Amazon Kindle Fire HD
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7inch (2nd Gen)
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7inch (3rd Gen)
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7inch
Apple iPad mini
Apple iPad mini 2
Apple iPad mini 3
Samsung Galaxy Tab (7inch Version)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
Most 7inch Screen Tablets 


X-Grip® II Holder Dimensions:
Minimum Width = 2.25inch
(Devices 2.25inch in width must be a minimum of 7inch in height to fit)
Maximum Width = 5.75inch
Depth = 0.875inch

Marine Grade Stainless Steel Components & High Strength Composite

Ball Size:
1inch Rubber Ball inchBinch Size

The inchUinch in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag